Blogger Spotlight: As Lovely As Fiona

(left) Off-shore hi-kini set, (right) Elba Scrunch in its soon-to-be-released color!

Yay! Here we give the spotlight to another Instagram hottie who loves the beach just as we do. Cesa introduces you seventeen year old, Italian/Canadian Fiona Sherril Bishop (@fiona.bishop)! Scroll down to know how she took interest on blogging and her advice on girls having body insecurities.

  • Three adjectives to best describe you: Crazy, Cheerful, Hungry
  • What do you do when you’re not modeling or studying? Tan, work out, hang out with friends.
  • How did you start blogging/modeling? I think I mostly started modeling after being discovered on Instagram.
  • We notice you have a lot of swimsuit sponsors, do you love to swim? Love the beach? I love swimming, I looooove the beach and I love bikinis.
  • If yes, what’s the best beach that you have been to or a beach that you look forward visiting? Bohol is the most beautiful beach I’ve ever been too! And I’m looking forward to visiting the beaches in Bali!
  • Any advice for girls being insecure wearing swimsuits on the beach? Who care what other people think! Everybody is a bikini body and if you want to wear a swimsuit, don’t let anybody or anything to stop you!
New colors for these classic Cesa collections
  • One-piece or  Bikini? Bikini!
  • Pineapple or Coconut? Pineapple
  • Sporty or Feminine style? Both, I guess.
  • Pink or Blue? Pink
  • Floaters or Sunnies? Floaters!
  • Surfing or Sunbathing? Sunbathing
  • Maldives or Santorini? Both!!
  • Top 3 Cesa Styles: Off-shore Pocket Hi-kini, Take Me Away Bikini set, and Calico Clam Bikini set


Fiona says it just right. Why would you care about what other people think? There’s nothing that can make a woman beautiful other than her c-o-n-f-i-d-e-n-c-e!

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