Cesa X Carmex Giveaway

Skin care routines are of the utmost importance this season. The exposure to excess heat and dry weather conditions are factors that cause our skin to dry out.This is applicable to all skin surfaces – including the lips. The skin on our lips is comparably thinner than that of the rest of the face, and they do not have sweat glands. Due to the absence of sweat and body oils (the usual protective layer of the skin to keep it smooth and keep out pathogens), lips get chapped more easily.

Licking your lips does not moisturize them – in fact, it causes them to dry out more because saliva contains enzymes for breaking down food rather than provide moisture for the lips. This summer, we have to protect our skin to keep that glow and smile beautiful and healthy everyday. Lip balm is the way to go for providing the external moisture our lips need and we’ve got your back.

Summer with Cesa is always fun and super rewarding – we have our Major Summer Giveway, a bazaar coming up, and another promo!

***Note: There is only 1 lipbalm per transaction. A person can claim/get 2 lipbalms in total  in his/her succeeding transaction.