Summer Essentials Major Give-away Mechanics

Kick Your Summer Senses Into High Gear

The humidity and rising temperature are clues that it’s time to ditch the city and hit your favorite summer destinations.

The heat is nothing new to locals and we have updates to your warm weather essentials. The following brands have their products lovingly made in the Philippines. Be sure to read until the end of the post to find out how you can also share the love for local.

Basic Beach

Nobody should forget their swimsuits. It’s time to dip and dive away the sweltering heat.

The Tanner Bikini set from Cesa is a current favorite among customers. This trendy two-piece has been flying off the shelves since its release last month. Get it in 7 colors: Black, Grey, White, Brown Sugar, Hazelnut Nude, Polka Dots and Unicorn. (Yes, you read that right. Unicorn.) Wear it with denim shorts for walking around a surf town or with a maxi skirt for an outdoor summer party, the Tanner bikini set is versatile and easily accessorized.

If you’re not yet in the mood to wear your swimsuit around, a breezy top from Lola & Daisies might be the right choice.

Off-shoulder tops have been the all the rage for a while now, and this lightweight version from Lola & Daisies will keep you in style while you’re up and about under the sun. The stretch neckline makes it easy to wear and adjust for comfort while leaving your neck and shoulders cool. The blue gingham print and flower embroidery are too perfect for summer.

Keeping It Cool

“Hats, giant shades and 60-plus sunblock are part of my summer repertoire. I don’t want wrinkles, but it’s skin cancer I truly fear.” – Janine di Giovanni

Skin care should not be taken lightly. Shielding ourselves from the glare of the sun should always be the first thing done before stepping out this season.

Slathering on (and re-applying) sunblock is a no-brainer and everyone should have a little skin pampering after spending the day outside. Your skin needs love and Cesa Skin has a line of fragrant soaps and scrubs made for the après-beach routine.

A whiff of the products gives you a hint of the cooling menthol and aloe ingredients while giving way to the aroma. The food-scented line will make you crave for their edible counterparts. The Coffee Biscuit smells so good you would want to eat it.

The best part about these skin care products is the fact that they’re non-whitening. Feel cool, smell delicious.

Hats are another stylish way to deter sunshine; no one should go out in the summer without one so add this straw hat from Vesti to your Keeping It Cool list. The lovely thing about Vesti is they make the products with indigenous fabrics and textiles, supporting the culture and livelihood of local weavers from Mindanao.

Risqué by Tal Designs is another brand integrating local craftsmanship and arts. The shoe shop based in Marikina boasts of artisan shoes produced through traditional shoe-making, loom-weaving, and wood-carving. Let your footwear be comfortable and trendy with a pair like this:

Enjoy a Brew

Nipa Brew is a line of craft beer made from locally sourced products. The team under Nipa Foods is proudly Filipino and ensure that the goods they buy are from small businesses and bought at fair market prices.

Their flagship beer Tropic Haze is light, refreshing, and has a sweet fruity taste best paired with summer grub like seafood and chicken. This 4-pack is a great treat to bring along on your summer travels. Nothing like sipping on a brew to keep you cool on a hot day.

Get It Together

Place all your updated essentials in an ExplorersPH bag and you’re good to go. Their bags are lightweight, and made from durable textiles like canvas and artificial leather. There is no need to wash the bags; you only need to wipe them down. The tote bags have multiple compartments, and the backpacks have space enough for a 15-inch laptop, making it easy for you to transport your gear and make those post-worthy summer videos. The bags are also waterproof, making them the perfect companion to the beach, the pool, or wherever you go.

Featured in the photo above is a beach mat from @bondi.lifestyleph

Right, now onto business.

If you’re reading this, you’ve made it to the end of the post and you’re in for a treat. (Thank you for making it this far!)

All the good stuff that I rambled on about? We’re giving them all away. Just in time for your vacation!


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Photo Credits: Ben BIgabal of @BenBigs | Model: Vanna Pacis @ivannapacis_