Spotlight: Martinez sisters, Cesa Official Photographer & Muse

Get to know two of the faces behind Cesa’s go to mini lookbook shoots. We have been working with Mandy Martinez and Angela Martinez for a more than year already and we have already produced 4 mini lookbook shoots with this power duo! We are happy to finally feature them on Blogger Spotlight!

Featuring the latest lookbook for Cesa Summer 2017 collection shot in Boracay, Philippines.

Get to know Mandy, one of Cesa’s official/partner photographer

-How and why did you start photography?

I started photography about a year and a half ago. I just always admired the moods you could create through images. It was mainly a hobby for the most part of it until I began shooting people as my main subjects, then my interest grew. I like experimenting and telling stories through my art, all the while learning something new.

Is Angela your usual muse?

Angela has always been my go-to model whenever I have an idea I want to try out. Plus, the more familiar you are with the person you’re shooting the easier it is for the both of you to improve your craft. And since we practically live together it’s more than convenient haha.

Any photography tips/recommendations for beach-goers who want to have nice OOTDs?

Keep it simple. Having a clear background can really bring out the subject. It’s also good to coordinate the color of your outfit with the surrounding elements in the back to harmonize the photo. And for those who are a little camera-shy, holding a prop like a fruity drink or a sunhat can help relax your body language for a more effortless look!

 And finally, get to know a little bit of who Angela Martinez is!
-How and why did you start photography and Angela for modelling?

I started modeling when I was 17. At first I didn’t really think about being a model, or getting into it. It started when my sister needed to a subject for her photography. Then I would just post the photos on my social media and that’s when I started getting offers and etc. and then that’s when I started getting into it, and I also learned a lot from modeling for my sister as well and it helped me work with other photographers.

Where do you get the ideas for posing?

I usually go on bikini brands on Instagram for posing ideas, and of course a lot of practice!

Any tips for posing in swimsuits for girls who want to take nice OOTDs?

Whatever makes you comfortable, and don’t be shy to flaunt what you have!

What usual poses do you recommend?

I personally like side profiles, as it shows more body and it makes you look curvy!

 –We see that you girls shoot for a lot of swim brands, do you girls actually love to swim? If yes, what are your must beach essentials? what beach do you want to visit in the future? or what beach is your fave and why?

We love swimming if it’s at the beach! Our beach essentials include: a mandala for chilling on the sand, water to keep hydrated, and of course coconut oil to get that perfect glowing tan! <3 We hope to visit Palawan someday. There’s so many beach options just here in the Philippines, living on an Island sure has it’s perks haha.

 -We know seeing yourself as confidently beautiful inside and out makes a lot of difference in pictures, what would you say to an insecure girl regarding wearing swimsuits?

Angela: If other people make you feel uncomfortable about it, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear it. If you’re new to a certain style but want to try it out, I suggest taking baby steps and gradually grow into it. But I believe that anything will work for you, if you’re confident with yourself. 🙂 

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