What to expect in Cesa’s first Bazaar for 2017

For 2017, We will only have 2 bazaars this summer and the first event will be on

MARCH 3-5, 2017 11am-9pm, at World Trade Center, Metro Manila for Trendsetters Bazaar.
Look for the beach tenet as we will be bringing new designs (yet to be launched and newly launched at Cesa online shop)!
Don’t miss out as we will have our usual bazaar promo which includes new designs! (payment method: cash basis only girls!)

10% off total if you buy 1 Cesa Skin Soap or Scrub

20% off total if you buy 1 Cesa Skin Soap and Scrub Bundle

We also have our own fitting room inside the Cesa beach tent booth! Lastly, we only have limited space so we cannot bring all our inventory in the bazaar. We only have limited (mostly new styles) pieces so come early to avoid the crowd so you fit the swimmies comfortably!

To get you excited, here are some of the designs that we will be bringing in the event!


A. Presley Maillot, B. Tanner Bikini C. Tanner Bikini with Asher Bottoms D. Salome 2 way maillot
E.Warren Wetsuit Rash-kini Set F.Stranger Isle Bikini G. Carried Away Bikini Set H. Presley Bikini Set