Cesa Blogger Spotlight: Tia Lacson

Tia Lacson, wearing Conch Neoprene Maillot
Tia Lacson, wearing Conch Neoprene Maillot

For sure you know a lot of good people and personalities from Bacolod, the City of Smiles here in the Philippines. We’re glad that one of them is Tia Lacson as she entertained a brief and virtual interview from us and squeezed it into her jampacked schedule as another blossoming fashion and travel blogger.

Find out what makes her different from the other bloggers. Get to know her candid personality and sense of style, with some tips on making your travel plans, especially those who are yet to experience their first travel pack.

Pulling off this Seashell Bikini Set in Teal
Pulling off this Seashell Bikini Set in Teal

­1. We heard you were a part of the national swimming team, do you still have the interest of going back to swimming?

Wow! How’d you know that?  Yes I was, i began representing the country since I was 9- 19 🙂 i’d love to try triathlon if I have time, but for now, trips to the beach and snorkeling will do 🙂

2. What drew you to blogging? What makes you continue to be drawn to it?

Blogging pushes me to be creative everyday. It’s something I know I love doing for myself, and it pushes me to make my life an enjoyable one. I also get to meet lots of awesome people, go to beautiful places and see so much more  through it so that’s what keeps me going. I  was drawn to blogging by nicole warne( garypeppergirl), she made blogging seem like such an art, and that’s when I knew having my own blog could be my creative outlet, and its something i can be good at.

3. Can you describe your daily routine?

Hmm, my weekdays are boring! I wake up, rush to the office, I am currently employed as a real estate branch sales manager at Suntrust Properties, and I have airbnb units that I rent out, and I sing for the worship team in our local community on tuesdays and fridays, so that keeps me really busy. During weekends or when I get the time to go on a vacation, that’s when I shoot my photos and write up a blog post 🙂

4. Define your sense of style.

My style is more classic and laid back, sometimes tropical, a little boho. I like basics with a twist. Nudes, blacks and whites, and pale pinks fill up my closet.

5. What piece in your closet you cannot live without?

Dresses that I can easily put on, and my swimsuits for sure ❤️

6. Bags or shoes?


7. Denim or prints?


8. Botanical or graphic?

Botanical 🙂

9. What are some of your favorite S/S 2016 trends?

I’m in love with laser cut lace dresses, bell sleeves, fringes and ruffled dresses.

10. Is your art and fashion sense innate or honed?

Both I guess. Innate since I’d always be the one to tell my friends which clothes to wear and my big sister Kate, and I love to play dress up since we were kids… Honed since I’d also look at magazines and my favorite instagrammers, so I think i trained my eye a bit on what’s ok and what’s well…not. Haha!

11. How long do you spend in picking out your clothes?

It depends on my mood, if i’m inspired, probably less than two minutes, if i’m in a rut, maybe 2 hours! It’s a hard life out there?

12. What would you give up for a one-hundred thousand worth of shopping spree?

Hmm… Not much, i know for sure i’d never give up precious time with family, or my values, or friends for money. But i’d definitely give up 3days of work anytime!!

13. Every art/fashion blogger should own…

A nice camera and a good editing app 🙂

14. Traveling has become the trend, would you mind to share your travel essentials especially for the first-timers?

I would suggest that they bring light clothes, jumpsuits, dresses, a good white top and shorts, and a cardigan and jeans for when it get’s cold. Chargers! Never leave without them. Small packets of shampoo, conditioner, morroccan oil for your hair, sunblock, moisturizer, toner…hygiene essentials like a toothbrush, make up remover, bikinis, accessories, and a neck pillow! For my shoes, i bring 1 pair of flip flops, sandals, and white sneakers. 🙂

15. From the list you’ve given above, which items you couldn’t absolutely live without when traveling?

My swimsuit, my jumpsuits, and my morrocan oil definitely. Hmm, let me add my charger,flip flops and toothbrush too! Then i’m good you can throw me anywhere

16. Out of all the places you’ve been to, which of them was the most remarkable for you?

Bali was the best for me. It’s like if i was a place, i would be bali. I’ve been there twice already but i’d come back there in a heartbeat.

17. Have you ever traveled alone?

Yes! I went to phuket and koh phi phi alone! And just met up with some friends there but basically I just really flew in and out on my own.

18. Do you usually keep mementoes from your travels?

My mementos are the pictures I take. 🙂 and the clothes I buy when I go there 🙂

19. How do you plan your travel budget?

I save up for my hotel and airfare a month/months before, and I estimate how much pocket money I need a week or two before. If I get a sponsored stay at a hotel, then I just save for my airfare. I’m not so maarte so I can just eat anywhere and stay at hostels if I need to, so If my budget is tight, then that’s when I turn into a backpacker

20. Describe yourself in 3 words.

Versatile. Kalog. Determined.


Again, thank you Tia for sharing! We would like to hear from you more soon.

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