An Interview With StyleBible!

Could this summer get more awesome? Cesa’s very own designer herself is featured on STYLEBIBLE!

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Every entrepreneur, big or small, goes through struggles on their businesses. Cesa’s designer herself is no different. What more if you realized that she runs and strives for this singlehandledly? She might have started earlier than the other brands out there and those starting years might not have brought her yet into skyrocket, still, she believes though that success is achieved through time in just a dependable pace rather than quick but unreliable way. Another thing she relies on is that, passion is what gets your blood racing but probably worth doing. Sure she has a clear path to her passion as from being a corporate employee, she has tuned her vision to be a fashion designer one day by making a way for it and letting the magic happen. She had the guts and will to put her creative hat on to design her own swimsuits she hardly finds before for herself!

Slider 2016- Mermaid Collection

Slider 2016- Homerun Collection

Learn from her of what does it actually take to be successful at a young age. Where does the name “Cesa” come from? What’s next for Cesa in two years?



Now, get to know more about the woman behind your beloved swimwear, Cesa, as she takes us to her roots and behind-of-it-all story. Read more here: