That Instagram Model. Cesa x Hannah Jordan Photo Set

Instagram has become a must-have app where people micro-blog their lifestyle or “wished-lifestyle” through pictures. It has became an “it” topic at the moment where the realness of the picture is being in question. Being real in pictures/social media has a lot of angles and perspectives. It really depends where you are coming from but in our opinion, social media specifically Instagram is a way to show a side of who you are. Artists, designers, and the creatives use it as a tool for inspiration and to publicize their work portfolios; brands use it as a marketing tool for their specific audience; some just like to it to take #selfies and whatnots to keep a tab for their digital diary; and bloggers and models use it to showcase their #OOTDS, travels, and to reach out to their followers the products that they endorse.



In this collaboration shoot with Jordan Hannah of www.JordanHannah.Photography, we tried to recreate or capture a model’s Instagram lifestyle. From the #iwokeuplike look, to tea drinks sponsored posts, to #bucketlist I wish you were here travel shots, and of course to #lifegoals #bodygoals fitnes swimwear shots!


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Photography: Jordan Hannah (Instagram: @jordan.hannah)

HMUA: Mel Sundana (Instagram: @melsundana)

Model: Gracie Ireland for Wink Models (Instagram: @gracie_ireland)

Swimwear: @CesaPh up and coming new collections for S/S2016